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Dr. Steven Krywulak

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Surgeon Bio:

Dr. Krywulak was born and raised in Calgary.  He relocated to Kelowna in February of 2002 to start an orthopedic surgery practice.  He lives in Kelowna with 2 children and enjoys cycling, skiing, snowboarding and guitar.

MRI wait times:

If you require an MRI, current wait times at KGH are 6-9 months. These waits can also vary year to year. Private MRI services are available through Image One MRI.

Surgical wait times:

These are also highly variable and currently are 6-12 months for most procedures.  IHA does not provide sufficient operating time to orthopedic surgeons in order to respond to surgical needs in a timely fashion.  If clinical need dictates, a person may be prioritized on the waitlist ahead of others based on urgency as determined by Dr. Krywulak.

What patients can expect at their initial consultation visit:

  • Your appointment can run up to an hour.
  • Interview with surgeon
  • Review of imaging
  • Physical exam
  • Discuss diagnosis, treatment plan

Things to bring to your appointment:

  • Health Care Card
  • List of current medications and supplements.
  • List of previous surgeries and the approximate year they were performed.
  • Wear a tank top for shoulder assessments (females)
  • Wear/bring shorts or loose fitting pants for knee and hip assessments.

Form fees:

Fees for insurance forms vary depending on the length of the form and the time taken to fill it out.  Most forms cost $40 – $60 to complete.

Other Services Provided:

  • Cortisone injections: Cost is $80.00 and receipt provided for extended medical plans.
  • Visco-supplementation: We carry a supply of Durolane for injection into the knee and provide it to patients at a cost of $350 per injection which is 35% less than pharmacy pricing.


Due to the high volume of calls we receive at the office, you may reach an answering machine. All messages will be returned as time permits.

It is very difficult for us to estimate wait times for surgery so we recommend that you not phone for that information. All of the OR bookings are now done at Kelowna General Hospital booking office so you may phone there if you have a concern. Phone 250-862-4300 and ask for OR booking.

Education, Training, Credentials

Bachelor of Science Kinesiology
Simon Fraser University
Doctor of Medicine
University of Calgary
Orthopedic Surgical Residency
University of Calgary
Fellowship in Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction
Mount Sinai Hospital/University of Toronto
Fellowship in Adult Sport Medicine
Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Center/University of Western Ontario

Practice, Focus/Procedures

 Dr. Krywulak does a high volume of hip and knee replacement surgery. He also does shoulder surgery, both open and arthroscopic procedures. In addition he will see referrals for general knee arthroscopy. Other generic orthopedic consults will be considered.
He also does shoulder surgery, both open and arthroscopic procedures.
In addition he will see referrals for general knee arthroscopy.
Other generic orthopedic consults will be considered.
Dr. Krywulak does not see patients for spine problems, hand/wrist problems, or foot and ankle.

Referral Policy

  • We accept referrals from physicians, chiropractors, nurse practitioners or case workers as long as patients have coverage from MSP of B.C., Work Safe B.C., ICBC, or RCMP.
  • Dr. Krywulak is not currently seeing residents of B.C. for private consults or private surgery.
  • Dr. Krywulak is not currently doing IME’s.

Once a written referral is received in the office, it is reviewed and prioritized by urgency. Wait times for non-urgent (routine) consults vary considerably but some patients can unfortunately wait up to a year to be seen.

Kelowna Bone and Joint Health now requires a completed standard referral form with all referrals. In addition to this, appropriate x-rays within 6 months of the referral need to be included in the referral. The standard referral form ensures that you are seen by the most appropriate physician in the shortest amount of time. The x-rays are required to ensure that your presenting complaints are fully assessed on the first visit, rather than having to book a follow-up appointment to provide treatment recommendations for your diagnosis.

Cancellation Policy

If illness, travel problems or other extenuating circumstances arise, we appreciate a phone call as soon as possible so that we can make use of the office time for another patient and reschedule your appointment.

Missed appointments (without a phone call): Due to historical issues with no shows slowing patient access a no show – short cancellation fee of $100 has been instituted to limit this. If you have to cancel for any reason, please call the office at least 48 hrs prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid this cancellation fee.

Referral letters will be returned to the referring doctor with a note stating that the appointment was not attended. Rescheduling will usually require another referral letter.


A letter is generated after each consult and sent to the referring doctor. Letters typically outline the diagnosis, the treatment options, and any follow-up required. Please feel free to review this letter with your family doctor.

If you still have questions or concerns after your consultation, please feel free to call and book a follow-up appointment. A lot of information is typically conveyed at the time of the first consult, and it is common to have additional questions or concerns arise. If you need further information on the problem and treatment options, or have any concerns, please feel free to call.



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