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Dr. Greg Storoschuk

Sports Medicine Physician

Dr Greg Storoschuk is a Sports Medicine physician with over 30 years experience working in primary care musculoskeletal care at the Pan Am Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

He was raised in Winnipeg and completed his medical training at the University of Manitoba. His experience includes non surgical acute trauma care, chronic and acute consultant practice, Team physician and educator roles. He enjoys a patient centric, wellness-based approach to recovery for patients and looks forward to working with the Kelowna Bone and Joint Health team to optimize care to the Okanagan community. His personal interests include spending time with his wife and 2 adult children, and enjoys past times of cycling, yoga, golf and skiing.

Education, Training, Credentials

University of Manitoba.
Dip. Sports and Exercise Medicine, CASEM.

Practice, Focus/Procedures

Exercise as a treatment, education, medical co-morbidities affect on musculoskeletal conditions, steroid and viscosupplement injections (ultrasound guided when appropriate), no PRP.

Referral Policy

Referrals will be screened and accepted for acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions (non spine). Where appropriate, x-ray should be completed, and reports included in the consultation request. Consultations should be requested through the standard Kelowna Bone and Joint Health referral form, Sports Medicine opinion, Dr Greg Storoschuk. Please indicate acuity of injury, as attempts will be made to expedite urgent conditions. Some consultations may be a redirection from or to the orthopedic surgeons/physiatry if all parties agree.

Cancellation Policy

If illness, travel problems or other extenuating circumstances arise, we appreciate a phone call as soon as possible so that we can make use of the office time for another patient and reschedule your appointment.

Missed appointments (without a phone call): Due to historical issues with no shows slowing patient access a no show – short cancellation fee of $100 has been instituted to limit this. If you have to cancel for any reason, please call the office at least 48 hrs prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid this cancellation fee.

Referral letters will be returned to the referring doctor with a note stating that the appointment was not attended. Rescheduling will usually require another referral letter.


A letter is generated after each consult and sent to the referring doctor. Letters typically outline the diagnosis, the treatment options, and any follow-up required. Please feel free to review this letter with your family doctor.

If you still have questions or concerns after your consultation, please feel free to call and book a follow-up appointment. A lot of information is typically conveyed at the time of the first consult, and it is common to have additional questions or concerns arise. If you need further information on the problem and treatment options, or have any concerns, please feel free to call.






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