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Muscloskeletal Central Intake – Patient Information Sheet

You have been referred by your family doctor to Kelowna Orthopedics Central Intake for a consultation appointment regarding your musculoskeletal concern. Here are some things you should be aware of so that your referral can be processed in a timely fashion, hastening your access to one of our physicians:

When your referral is faxed to the Orthopedic Central Intake office, it will be reviewed by our intake team (based upon the information supplied by your family doctor) to decide when you should be scheduled to see one of our physicians or surgeons. Appointments are generally booked 1-4 weeks in advance.

A review of your referral information may result in an appointment to see the right medical specialist to discuss and further assess your situation. Generally an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon is intended for you to plan for surgery, whereas an appointment with either our musculoskeletal sports medicine physician or our physiatrist is intended to explore non-surgical ways to manage your problem. If surgery is not your preference from the onset, please indicate the same to our booking staff when they call to confirm your appointment to ensure your needs are accommodated.

All new referrals must have a recent x-ray as this information is critical to an accurate assessment of the nature and severity of your problem. If your family doctor has given you a requisition for an x-ray, make sure your x-ray is done promptly (i.e., within days of receipt of the requisition) so that our office can review the results. New referrals will not be reviewed without it, resulting in delays to access our services.

Due to the large number of referrals sent to Kelowna Orthopedic Central Intake we cannot return all calls. We will make sure that your family physician is updated about your referral.

Our office will contact you to remind you about your upcoming appointment. Patients who miss appointments without 48 hours’ notice are subject to a $100 rebooking fee.