The Kelowna Bone & Joint Health team have been working on a centralized intake & referral management project in order to reduce consultation wait times to the appropriate musculoskeletal physician. To improve access to care we have implemented the following changes, effective immediately:

  1. Implemented a mandatory referral form for all new referrals.  This form contains all of the information we require to expedite referral processing.  Please complete the referral-form in its entirety and append an imaging report (x-ray only, no more than 6 months old) of the affected area.  Referrals without the completed the central intake referral-form or accompanying imaging report will no longer be accepted.
  2. Implemented a central fax line for referrals.  Please fax all new referrals to our physicians to 250-448-4799.
  3. Added a triage step for referrals.  Expert screeners will review referral information based upon approved protocols and will ensure patients are promptly scheduled for consultation with the most appropriate physician based on the information provided (referral form and imaging report).    
  4. Added a new physicians to our team. Dr. Sathish Rajasekaran (Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine) will now accept patients to non-surgical concerns. These physicians may perform a preliminary assessment of patients referred for surgical consultation if the information provided did not indicate a surgical concern.  A visit with our primary MSK care colleagues may hasten access to non-surgical treatment options, or upon more thorough examination, indicate surgery (at which time a surgical consultation will follow).

We are confident that these changes will improve access to musculoskeletal care for the patients we serve and thank you for partnering with us to implement these changes.  Should you have any questions please call our office at 250-763-8816 or 250-763-6066.

Urgent Referrals

If the consult is of an urgent nature or the level of urgency changes please contact the individual surgeon’s office directly by phone.  If your patient is waiting to see the first available/appropriate surgeon, please contact our central intake clerical support (phone numbers listed below) directly by phone.

What to expect from us

  1. Patient referral form will be entered and dated when received. A letter confirming receipt of referral will be returned to your office within 5 business days.
  2. Patient referral forms that are screened by our intake team as incomplete or inappropriate will be faxed back to your office within 5 business days. A letter outlining the information required will be attached.
  3. Complete patient referral forms will be reviewed by our triage team for appropriateness and urgency. The triage process may take up to 30 days from receipt of referral.

Triage may result in one of the following outcomes:

  • Your patient is appropriate for surgical consultation;
    • Result – patient will be placed with the first available/most appropriate surgeon
  • Your patient requires further review and/or medical management prior to proceeding with a surgical consultation and may benefit from a consultation with either our sports medicine physician or physiatrist.
    • Result – patient will be placed with the first available/most appropriate Musculoskeletal/Sports medicine or Physiatry Physician